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We carry lenses for near and far sight as well as bifocal and specialty lenses.  These include kids, computer, safety and sports.  We have many other options such as lenses that get dark, tinted lenses and anti-reflective lenses that stay incredibly clean.  We tailor the lens selection to meet your needs.  
Our selection of frames includes value packages and designer frames as well as unique designs.  We also have kids and sports glasses as well as safety glasses.  Watch our value frames for designers at a discount.  If we don't have it, just ask!  We will be happy to get it!
Contact Lenses
We fit many varieties of contact lenses including soft, hard and hybrid lenses.  We will fit contacts for near and far sight, astigmatism, bifocal and colored lenses.  One day lenses are growing in popularity for all those conditions as well.  

Inside the Eye


We have the ability to monitor cataracts, diabetes and macular degeneration as well as other conditions that can be seen inside the eye.  We work in conjuction with your doctors to assess these conditions.  When necessary we work alongside ophthalmology to treat these conditions to give you the best vision possible.


Outside the Eye


We work with local doctors to determine the best vision correction surgery for you and then work together on your pre and post op care.  Options are not just lasik, come in and find out what is best for you.  We have many ways to treat red eyes, dry eyes, and injuries to the eyes.  Most of these conditions are seen the same day.  Call and ask for an appointment time!



Our patients receive care that they need and deserve.  From the moment you come to the office to the moment you leave we will take time to get to know you and your needs.  Even if you don't get your eye examination done by us, we will still commit to serving you.  Bring in any current prescription for glasses or contact lenses and our staff will be happy to work with you to select the best products for you!

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